Gourmet Gorillas were catering at the Rocklands Social club Redditch on Saturday.

We were attending an event for a 60th Birthday party. The room looked great. 60th gold birthday balloons everywhere. The music was fantastic too.

We had 4 staff as we had prepared hot canapes for 80. Then a delicious hog roast for 100 together with chips and macaroni cheese.

The canapes took simply ages to prepare and were delicious. Halloumi cheese and red pepperwas the 1st off the block. The peppers were marinated in a dressing with fresh rosemary (picked from the garden) and the halloumi toasted then threaded on skewers. King Prawn and chorizo was 2nd. The prawns were left in fresh chilli and lemon juice then these too were threaded onto skewers with the chorizo. (I had to sample loads of these!). The final one was the chicken tikka, which we made up and then cooked and presented on spoons with a drizzle of mint yogurt and coriander.

The macaroni cheese was delightful and very cheesy. We used mature cheddar and mozzarella and added Dijon mustard.

The pork had been cooking virtually all day and was wonderfully succulent.

It is always a pleasure attending an event at The Rocklands, Redditch. The staff are all so accommodating and the space and facilities for a private party is excellent.