Gourmet Gorillas corporate catering was in full force the week before Christmas.

We were asked to provide catering for an event in Redditch at Toolstation.  There were various shifts in operation, so we were in attendance from 10.00am to 4.30pm.

Ian had been cooking the hog all night, the meat was so tender. All the salads had been made fresh to order and as we were catering for over 150 covers, there was an awful lot of chopping involved! We provided potato salad, greek salad and mediterranean pasta salad together with fresh coleslaw, We pride ourselves by preparing this ourselves, using fresh, local ingredients.

The salads accompanied the pork, apple sauce and stuffing together with vegetarian options of burgers and vegetables with halloumi.

There were lots of compliments from a hungry and appreciative workforce.

Happy New Year to you all