Wedding catering appointments have been busy for Gourmet Gorillas this week for Summer 2022. They are all quite different and we like to go that extra mile, so each one feels bespoke.

Gourmet Gorilla wedding catering has won us lots of repeat business. This week we have taken on 3 more for this year. We already had a few in the diary which were booked more than 2 years ago.

Yurts seem very popular and we are catering for a wedding in June in Worcestershire, where they are staying over night. The clients have chosen a BBQ consisting of;  chicken tikka, hot dogs, sticky beef ribs, salmon and tomato kebabs with 3 different salads and chips. They have also asked for pancakes and Hog roast in the evening and the following morning we are preparing croissants and bacon sandwiches – what a perfect selection.

One has chosen Hog Roast for the evening only, the other has opted for a paella during the day and pizzas in the evening, we are really looking forward to all of them.

Gourmet Gorillas have been preparing canapes to test this week. We have worked our way through croustades and crostini’s, finding the perfect base for each one. We have also made a batch of chilli jam and onion chutney to test on our burgers, more than delicious!