BBQ’s and Gourmet Gorilla Burgers have been popular this week.

We did an event at Hillhampton in Great Witley for a small party of 50. The choice was burgers, sausages, prawns and delicious minty lamb chops, all griddled to perfection and we served these with green salad and a Greek pasta dish.

We also went to Exhall and Wixford Cricket Ground and prepared some delicious burgers,. As usual we “pimped” them up and added fresh beef tomatoes and lettuce with really good cheeses and sauteed onions. We made another batch of chilli jam and we are serving this as an accompaniment to the BBQ’s we do.

We have several more booked this weekend as well as fitting in hog roasts. The BBQ season is in full flow and we have been very lucky with the weather. Chicken Tikka is another favourite , this is really flavoursome without being over the top with spice and this together with the salmon kebabs and vegetables and halloumi, mean that it isn’t just red meat lovers that appreciate the BBQ.