Outdoor Wedding Catering

Gourmet Gorillas had a wonderfully busy year providing, outdoor wedding catering in Birmingham and Worcestershire in 2023. We  provided outdoor wedding BBQ’s for some amazing people at a variety of venues. Outdoor Wedding catering is as popular as ever.

We did many more than the ones illustrated below and can recommend various venues, cost of course needs to  be taken into account and equally important is the ambience you are wanting to create.

BBQ in Hotel grounds

Catering for Rachel’s wedding at the Plough & Harrow in Birmingham was memorable.  Gourmet Gorillas provided the evening meal. Rachel asked for a selection that would suit equal numbers of meat loving and vegetarian guests.  The food choice had been selected the year before.  As wedding choices can alter in the time between ordering and delivering, we like to keep in touch and we always double check the choices, times and guest numbers a good couple of weeks before your event. We cooked 6oz Beef burgers with cheese and onion, spicy salmon kebabs, chicken tikka skewers and breast of chicken in a lemon and herb marinade. The vegetarian selection consisted of burgers with cheese and onion, vegetable halloumi and sauteed potatoes. The salads chosen were potato salad and coleslaw. This was for 150 guest. We had lots of compliments and the bride sent us a super testimonial, thank you Rachel.

“Thank you so much for the BBQ at the wedding, the guests were very impressed and although I didn’t get to speak to you at all really!! Thank you, the feedback has been amazing, your communication, professionalism and service was truly amazing so thank you for being a part in making the day so special xx”

BBQ in Village Hall

Village Hall catering is also very popular.  We did one at Cookhill Village hall, which is a really lovely venue. The BBQ food selected was  6oz Beef burgers with cheese and onion, lamb kofta, Mediterranean Vegetable and Halloumi skewers, Chicken tikka kebabs, Macaroni cheese and chips. The vegetarian guests were provided with aubergine and asparagus, burgers and vegetable skewers. The salad selected was vegetable pasta with a really good lemon dressing.  In the evening, The Gorillas prepared pizza. This was a combination of four different choices, garlic butter, a Margherita,  a Porkie (pulled pork and caramelised apple) and Firecracker Beef, all served with our delicious, creamy coleslaw. Caitlin left us a  great testimonial.

“Karen and her team catered for our wedding on Saturday – they were absolutely amazing from start to finish! Such great recommendations for our food choices and so glad we picked them! We had so much great feedback from all our guests! Thank you!”.

BBQ at home

Gourmet Gorillas cater for many Wedding BBQ’s  at peoples homes, perhaps in the back garden, a side field or the drive.  One of these was for Ian and Chris at their Barnt Green home. We erect at least one 3m x 3m gazebo, so most hosts can usually accommodate this.

Gourmet Gorillas set up at the front of the house and service staff took the food through to the garden and patio areas. We provided extra service staff . The hosts chose a  selection of BBQ and appetiser items. Three different types of canapes and six BBQ items. corn on the cob, pork and red onion sausages, pork and pepper kebabs, prawn and chilli skewers, mushroom, halloumi and pineapple skewers and tandoori Chicken brochettes. A variety of salads were selected for the side dishes.   Jewelled rice salad, creamy potato salad, green salad and the very popular Greek salad. French fries were the finishing touch. The sweet dishes selected were strawberries and cream and profiteroles.  Ian left us a review.

“Karen and Ian served up a BBQ for our wedding on Sunday. Everyone thought the food was fantastic, and we had lots of unprompted compliments from all of our guests (who wanted to know who they were so they could use them in future). A lovely meal, great food, wonderful service and cant recommend them highly enough. We thought we had over-ordered, but there was nothing left at the end of the day, which speaks for itself. 10/10”.

Gourmet Gorillas provide locally sourced food and make as much as possible in-house, so you are assured of top quality and well seasoned dishes.

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