Gourmet Gorillas were invited by the company Van Leeuwen for the 2nd time to cater for a corporate event in Brierley Hill. COVID had prevented them all coming together for the last 18 months and they had a lot of reasons for coming together. A close colleague had passed away, there were 2 retirements from people who had worked for the company for over 30 years, there had been a birth and the company had also acquired another business, so new employees we also coming together.

We were delighted to be able to provide choices including Halloumi and vegetables, salmon kebabs, Burgers and Hot Dogs, Chicken Tikka, Salt & Pepper Chicken and pork ribs. We were told of one person who had a severe fish allergy and we got around this by, serving this person first before we cooked the salmon, so everyone was happy.

We enjoyed the 80’s music (our era!) and a solo karaoke spot, the atmosphere was great.

Gourmet Gorillas Corporate catering