Gourmet Gorillas at Wooton Hall Park

Gourmet Gorillas were delighted to attend a wedding function held at Wooton Hall Park on an emergency call out! The groom, Craig, called us just three days before the wedding. His caterer who was serving a sweet option had let him down, could we help? Fortunately it was for a Monday evening, the weather had [...]

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Corporate Event at Brierly Hill

Gourmet Gorillas were invited by the company Van Leeuwen for the 2nd time to cater for a corporate event in Brierley Hill. COVID had prevented them all coming together for the last 18 months and they had a lot of reasons for coming together. A close colleague had passed away, there were 2 retirements from [...]

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Gourmet Gorillas in Balsall Common

Gourmet Gorillas Balsall Common was the venue, we were providing catering for a wedding after party, the actual wedding had been the day before. There were 95 guests and we provided the Hog Roast which had been cooking for over 8 hours, it was delicious, lots of crunchy crackling and moist meat. chunky chips were [...]

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Looking forward to the Summer of ’21

Gourmet Gorillas are very pleased to get back into the groove again after well over a year of the COVID nightmare. We are getting busy now for Summer 21 and already taking bookings for 22. We have done a few very small events this week as we are still observing limits due to COVID. The [...]

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Weddings taking bookings for 2021/2022

Weddings taking bookings for 2021/2022 I know many of you have been disappointed with cancelled weddings in 2020, but let us look forward to 2021/2022, I am already taking bookings. Hopefully Social Distancing will be history, but even if not, where better and safer to celebrate than in the open. We can make the event bespoke for [...]

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The venue was in The Cotswolds !

We did a wonderful event over the weekend, held in a Marquee with plenty of patio heaters on the go! The venue was in The Cotswolds and succulent lamb was on the menu. Roast Lamb with red onion and rosemary that has been cooking for over 8 hours is tremendous, we had mint sauce traditional [...]

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Gourmet Gorillas recently attended a market in Bewdley, we had a stall selling pancakes. We can do sweet or savoury and they were both really popular on this particular day. Gourmet Gorillas can now offer a number of options for a sweet selection. The Ice-cream trike, is particularly good as it looks special and creates [...]

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