Outdoor catering at Bordesley Park

Gourmet Gorillas Wedding catering  at Bordesley Park Redditch. We cooked a five piece BBQ for a wedding.  What a great venue .

Wedding BBQ at Bordesley Park

The bride had booked the wedding catering at least 18 months earlier. Gourmet Gorillas have developed wedding menus that really suit most budgets. You can select one of our popular set menu choices, or choose from the selection of tasty BBQ items we offer.

Individual choices were made from the extensive BBQ menu.   6oz burgers, topped with Monterey Jack cheese and onions, Gorilla pork sausages (extra large), piri- piri chicken drumsticks, minted lamb chops and chilli prawns. Home made coleslaw was chosen as the side dish

Vegetarian guests weren’t neglected. There  was vegetable halloumi, corn on the cob and vegetarian burgers and sausages.

When selecting your choices, choose a good variety of mains with some delicious side dishes such as macaroni cheese or Greek salad, with this in mind, look at our selections, There is  good advice for this on Hitched. The sides are something that can be over looked but they are really important.

Preparation for catering at Bordesley Park

We started to prepare for the BBQ in the early hours. Ian loaded the van and marinated the chicken and I prepared the coleslaw and threaded the prawns onto skewers.

Set up took place a few hours before the eating time. The gazebo that we set up looked great, with a dove grey, wooden front and serving shelf. We put all the cooking equipment inside and were soon grilling the lamb and setting up the serving dishes.

The marquee at Bordesley Park was spacious and it was decorated beautifully. The bar was attached and we were set up just feet away.

Serving the BBQ

Catering for a  Wedding BBQ is a relaxed affair. If you want a chilled out vibe, then this is definitely the option for you. We serve the BBQ from our serving tables. Guests enjoy making their own choices from the selection on offer.

Once the first guests had selected what they wanted, we could hear noisy appreciation. We love that sound!

The guests gave us lots of compliments. The bride took time, the very next day to say “Everything was amazing, thanks so much. People haven’t stopped talking about the food!!!!! ”

A perfect ending to what looked like a perfect day.