At Gourmet Gorillas (the outdoor catering experts)we are busy reviewing our menus for  2024 outdoor catering options. You cant beat an open air banquet, We can guarantee not to offer anything with a charcoal blackened crust. Gourmet Gorillas have years of experience in cooking perfectly grilled BBQ fayre. We take pride in the relationships forged with local suppliers, such as Barry the Butcher based in Stratford upon Avon and Bespoke Butchers  based in Studley. We start off with well sourced product and take pride in cooking it perfectly.

Burgers & sausages voted the favourite outdoor food

As our experience shows that Sausages and Burgers are still the most popular option for your outdoor BBQ event, quality of produce has to be good.   Gourmet Gorillas have barbecued our way through 1000’s in 2023. We look forward to doing the same in 2024 throughout Worcestershire, Warwickshire and West Midlands.

Our burgers are 6oz and served in a brioche bun, our bread products are sourced  from Peter Cook Bread  The way in which the onions are cooked and the quality of cheese provided is as important as the burger itself,. We don’t want to ruin the total taste experience. We also offer speciality burgers where we top with home made salsa and chilli cheese or stilton and streaky back bacon.

Added to this is our ability to create a scrumptious vegetarian burger, we use Moving Mountains that many top chefs believe produces great results and we have had excellent feedback about them. So vegiie or vegan you don’t need to forfeit the enjoyment of outdoor food.

Skewers – a great BBQ addition

We find that skewers are increasing in popularity.  Gourmet Gorillas enjoy repeat business for all sorts of outdoor catering. The chicken tandoori and tikka skewers is a selection which is ordered repeatedly.

We can supply wraps or flatbreads and salads with all our skewered items, chicken isn’t the only choice, you can choose, pork , lamb, vegetarian and salmon options, see our options here.

Salads & Sides to add to your open air banquet.

Gourmet Gorillas are outdoor catering experts. When you decide on your options, we will supply the rolls, sauces, cutlery, serviettes, disposable plates and service of up to two hours.  The sides chosen are as important as your main selection. The salads we provide are all produced by us, from our coleslaw (hand shredded) through to the very popular Greek salad (loaded with olives and Feta) and lemon and herb cous cous (packed with coriander and parsley).

There are many potato dishes to choose from, twice cooked fries, chunky chips, sauteed potatoes in rosemary and garlic and a really popular addition of Patatas Bravas.

Outdoor catering is so popular.

Holding an outdoor catering event such as a barbecue is a popular way of gathering family and friends together. We are experts in helping you plan your event. We  have held mouth watering barbecues in village halls, corporate car parks, fields, back-gardens and drive ways.

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