The Eagle Redditch Hog Roast

We had the pleasure of providing a Hog Roast for a 60th birthday party at The Eagle Redditch on Saturday.

We set up in the under cover area outside the pub. The request was that we cater for around 50 people with our delicious Hog Roast, some even had seconds. The Eagle was the perfect venue for the Hog Roast.

The Hog had been roasting for around 6 hours. We always source from our local butchers, as we can guarantee welfare and traceability. Ian, then prepares it and puts it into the special mobile oven at around 200°F. It needs to be cooked long and slow.

The Hog is cooked when it is at least 72°C in the leg joint. It is then wrapped in foil and loaded onto the van.

Hog Roast Crackling

We usually arrive around 2 hours before the eating time. This enables Ian to bring the Hog back up to temperature. It is then salted and blasted for the last 15 minutes. This produces that wonderful crackling. The stuffing is also in the oven, so it is piping hot.


As it is in the final cooking stages, we set up the serving tables with white linen cloths. Serviettes, serving trays or plates and cutlery are all added, if needed. The apple sauce is made ready and the fresh white rolls are cut.  Ian lifts off the crunchy crackling, which is put to one side, so as many people as possible can enjoy it.

As each person comes to the table, we offer the roll, stuffing, apple sauce and crackling. We had lots of compliments from everyone at The Eagle, another successful Redditch Hog Roast.


We have always served a traditional Roast, slowly cooked with stuffing and apple sauce, but we are noticing a few varieties lately.

Mediterranean Roast

This is where the hog is roasted with oregano, rosemary, lemon and garlic and basted with these juices, usually then served with wraps instead of rolls. We could serve this with the Mediterranean vegetables we offer as a side.

Tex-Mex Roast

A dry rub is put on the hog which is then roasted and served with wraps, guacamole and salsa. Add some of our sides, such as macaroni cheese.

Chilli Pig

The Hog is roasted until succulent and then chilli pig sauce is poured onto the meat, this is made from onions, red peppers, chilli and honey and is delicious,  you could have this as an alternative to apple sauce.

Vegan/Vegetarian non Hog Roast

Most bookings for hog roasts also need to take into account the vegetarian and vegan guests. We have a delicious Jack Fruit alternative, we cook this long and slow in our home made BBQ sauce with a dash of sriracha and then top it with our home made vegan coleslaw, served in white bread rolls.