Gourmet Gorillas were delighted to attend a wedding function held at Wooton Hall Park on an emergency call out!

The groom, Craig, called us just three days before the wedding. His caterer who was serving a sweet option had let him down, could we help?

Fortunately it was for a Monday evening, the weather had been absolutely gorgeous and we were asked to supply the Gourmet Gorillas Ice Cream cart.  We could choose the flavours!  The covers required were for 100 guests and we opted for the traditional flavours, of vanilla, strawberry, raspberry ripple and rum and raisin, all from Henley Ice Cream,  these always go well and we provide plenty of sauces, toppings and of course chocolate flake. Biscoff sauce is the “in” thing at the moment, so 2 bottles were loaded up.

As the time was booked was 9 to 11 pm, we set off at dusk, down winding country lanes until we arrived at the venue. The party was in full swing and as we pulled up in our van with the huge image of a Gorilla on the side, we unloaded the vintage style ice cream bike, there was a sense of anticipation as we set up, the day had been extremely hot and the gentlemen in very smart suits, looked ready for a double dose!

Ian set up plenty of lights around the cart and dessert proved to be really popular, by all accounts it rounded off the perfect day.