Gourmet Gorillas recently provided a mixed Paella feast in Solihull for a 50th birthday party. Unfortunately, the weather was absolutely awful and the rain bucketed down, but as we have plenty of gazebos to cover, it really didn’t affect the evening at all. Gourmet Gorillas have huge Paella pans, they will serve up to 100 people.

I had the recipes given to me quite a few years ago now, by an authentic Spanish Paella chef and this particular evening we were cooking the mixed Paella. It is also a spectacle to watch the Paella being prepared, the aromas are amazing and we find we have quite an audience as the guests hear the sizzle of onions and garlic and then smell the smoked paprika and peppers beings added.

We use chorizo in our recipe along with pork, chicken, large prawns and fresh mussels. After about an hour cooking, we lifted the pan onto the serving table and serve with fresh lemons and crusty bread.